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The Lucky Star HD 6TERS are aluminium rims designed for all types of XC, XC racing and trail riding. The front/rear widths are differentiated28mm/26mm or 30mm/28mm depending on the tyre section.

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  • Hookless

    This technology has been successfully used on our MTB rims since 2011. It reduces rim weight. Strength is improved. The tire is slightly bigger. Carbon rims are simpler and more economical to manufacture.

  • 6Ters

    6TERS is a concept of MTB rims differentiated between front and rear: a front wheel must maximize grip (inner width +), handling (rotational weight -) and control (lateral stiffness -). A rear wheel must provide traction, comfort (vertical stiffness-), stability (lateral stiffness +), efficiency (inside width -) and be stronger (reinforcements). Developed in collaboration with Julien Absalon (five-time world champion).

  • AntiBurp

    Thanks to this antiburp, the tire bead is held in position at all low pressures and under all loads, so there's no risk of the bead sliding off the rim or losing pressure even when cornering hard. Two edges prevent the tire beads from sliding horizontally towards the inside of the rim. Even after a puncture, the tire stays in place on the rim

  • Tubeless

    Our Tubeless compatible rims (UST, Tubeless Ready and Notubes), only require some Duke rim tape and a Tubeless-ready valve. They can also be used in a classic clincher set up (tyre & inner tube).

  • Dynamal

    Dynamal is 50% stronger than 6061-T6. Unlike standard alloy blends, Dynamal is a pure alloy, enriched with magnesium-silicon and combined with a confidential metal to harden it. Compared with traditional alloys, Dynamal offers a significant increase in stress and impact resistance, without any reduction in fatigue strength.

  • Polyaxial-drilling

    The orientation of the holes of a rim allows a perfect alignment of the nipples and spokes, which brings a better lifetime of the spokes, the rim and the wheel.

  • Offset

    Rim offset increases lateral stiffness and wheel stability without adding weight. The rim holes are off-center, improving the spokes brace angles. By better balancing the tensions between the two spoke sides, the wheel's durability is enhanced.

Sapim Spokes

Sapim is THE brand of spokes, made in Belgium since 1918. Several models of spokes are available, within the limits of compatibility with the practice and the chosen rim:
  • Sapim CX-Ray: flat spoke, very light, durable, aero and very dynamic (309g / 64 pcs / 292mm)
  • Sapim CX-Sprint: Flat spoke identical to the CX-Ray but thicker for even more rigidity (373g / 64pcs / 292mm)
  • Sapim D-Light: round spoke, light and durable, with a 1.65mm diameter central part, good value for money (344g / 64 pcs / 292mm)
  • Sapim Race: round, sturdy and rigid spoke with a 1.8mm diameter central part (408g / 64 pcs / 292mm)


Aluminium nipples with locking thread, available in 16 colours: black, red, silver, metal grey, blue, aqua blue, gold, light gold, dark green, mint syrup green, lime green, lilac, pink, fuchsia pink, orange and oil slick.


The wheels are delivered assembled with valves and rim tape fitted, four spare spokes and nipples and an assembly certificate.


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