In the event of an accident or at-fault incident, we offer to replace your carbon rim at a preferential rate :
-50% off the price of a DUKE SLS or SLR carbon rim, plus labor
-40% off the price of a DUKE 3K or BARON carbon rim, plus labor.

This Crash Replacement service is valid for life, at no extra charge, regardless of the owner's rank. The seller of used wheels can transfer this Crash Replacement service to the buyer (it's a selling point 😊). Wheels bought second-hand can therefore benefit from Crash Replacement.

Shipping costs are not included.

The defective rim becomes the property of JPRACINGBIKE. It is then recycled by our recycling partner.

To issue a Crash Replacement request, you need to log in to your account (or create one if necessary) and go to the "After-sales and Returns" section and generate an After-sales/Return request. Three photos are required:
- Photo of the serial number (present under the rim base)
- Photo of complete wheel
- Detail photo