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PRO X Standard is the slightly thicker version of PRO X LITE chain lube

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PRO X Standard Chain Lube

Dumonde has been working on this new generation of bicycle chain lube for several years. Its micro-resistant complex compounds (MRCC Micro Resistant Complex Compounds) have been developed for more than 10 years. Originally developed for its motorsport lubricants, MRCC technology provides further friction reduction (lower viscosity) while maintaining higher protection (stronger film and more adherent to surfaces) than common traditional technology.


PRO X Standard is the slightly thicker version of PRO X LITE chain lube. PRO X Standard is ideal for:

- chain lubrication for mountain biking, cyclo-cross and for all outings in extreme conditions.

- cables, joints and seals


- MRCC technology considerably reduces all friction. Oil polymerizes and adheres to surfaces

- very little power loss on moving parts.

- 10 times higher lubricating power than Teflon.

- dry lubricant that does not attract dust or dirt.

- resists washing.

- the transmission remains clean, wears less quickly and operates silently.

- longer life than all other chain lubricants whatever the conditions.

- rolling possible as soon as the lubricant is applied, no need to wait for the substrate to evaporate, no risk of clogging.

- to be applied in small quantities for a better result.

- very efficient in extreme cold conditions.

- safe for plastic, rubber and all sealing materials. The product is designed not to damage components.

- slightly fragrant.

- can be shipped worldwide by air or ground transport thanks to the absence of VOC (volatile organic compound).

Everyone who has tested or raced with PRO X reports that it performs better than any other lubricant they have ever used.

These products are developed to operate with a minimal "carbon footprint": resists washing, can be used in small quantities, lasts a long time between each application, optimizes the life of the transmission.

Preparation and application of Dumonde Tech chain lubricant:

To get the best possible performance from Dumonde Tech chain lubricant, you must:

- carry out a complete cleaning of the chain before the very first application of Dumonde lubricant: use a high quality cleaner or solvent to thoroughly clean the chain (all surfaces of the links and rollers). This complete cleaning is to be carried out only once, before the first application.

- let the chain dry

- apply the lubricant: one drop per link, then wipe off the excess. For optimal performance, a few trips are necessary for the lubricant to completely polymerize.

- you can, immediately afterwards, start riding, no need to wait. The lubricant will not attract dirt like most other dry lubricants that require you to wait for the medium to evaporate.

- Do not reapply lubricant until you begin to hear the noise of your chain. The sound of the chain is the best way to tell when to reapply lube.

Retail sizes available: 2 oz and 4 oz.


Why is my chain dirty after a ride?

Either you apply too much lubricant (too often or too much), or you apply Dumonde Tech lubricant on top of another lubricant.

For best results, before the very first application of Dumonde lubricant, we recommend that you clean the chain completely, with a high quality solvent or strong degreaser. Be careful not to clean only the outside of the chain, you must also clean all the interior surfaces and the rollers.

Wiping the chain before and after each ride will reduce chain build-up. It will become cleaner and cleaner after the first applications and the lubrication will last longer and longer.

When should I reapply Dumonde Tech lubricant?

You have to rely solely on the noise your chain emits. As long as you only hear the wind and the tires, there is no need to re-lube. Do not rely on the distance traveled or the duration or the visual appearance of the chain.

All lubricants work best when instructions are followed. Lubricant should not be applied excessively in the hope of delaying the next application. If you apply too much lubricant or too often, the chain will clog up. Wipe the chain with a cloth if you have accidentally added too much lubricant: one drop per link is enough. And again, noise is the only indicator for reapplying lube.

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