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DUKE Wheelset Baccara SLS2 disc 36T / DT350 CL

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    DUKE used Wheelset Baccara X-MACHINE 36T disc / DT350 CL

    Second hand cyclocross tubular wheelset revised warranty 6 months

    Price new: 1415 €
    DUKE UD SLS2 carbon wheels
    Hubs DT350 CL SP 100xQR12
    Hubs DT350 CL SP 142x12 SHIMANO
    Sapim CXRay black (24 + 24)
    Nipples Sapim Polyax Alu
    Weight of pair: 1398g

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    Rear Axle
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    All the wheels available on JPRACINGBIKE1 are assembled by hand in our offices in Vendée, France. This allows us to guarantee you a high precision and high quality assembly with optimized balancing of the spoke tensions. All this to offer you the most reliable wheels as possible. JPracing custom wheels builder since 2008. more.

    The Baccarat X-Machine rim has passed all UCI tests and is homologated to race on all World Cup races of Cyclocross!


    New DUKE carbon UD rim, designed, developed and tested internally. For its wheels, DUKE owns the manufacturing tools! The new DUKE Baccara SLS2* wheels are the latest evolution of the essential 3K Baccara. It is available in 36 mm, disk braking, asymmetric profi. For this new generation, we worked on 3 points: weight, comfort and aerodynamics. Thanks to the SLS2 technology we have lowered the weight by 10%, due to the use of high modulus fibers and a new process of molding in sealed enclosure with resins of new generation. This process also allows better filtration of vibrations generated by the particle size of the bitumen. The comfort is improved. The width is larger with 27.6 mm. This gives more volume to the hoses and improves performance, comfort and cornering grip. Recommended hose width is 32 mm cyclocross. The profile of the rim has been reworked to improve its aerodynamics and stability in all wind conditions. The outer width is larger with 27.6 mm and has a new warhead shape. This reduces aerodynamic drag and thus increases its speed. The wheels are also less sensitive to side wind and the steering more precise, the cyclist feels more confident. It also retains a version with asymmetrical profile of 2mm. With the increase in the number of speeds, the cassette side flange of the hub is seen more and more recentered towards the inside of the wheel. The umbrella spokes opens further and this reduces the stability and lateral stiffness of the wheel: it is fuzzy in the raises, takes sail easily. Asymmetry gives an umbrella much higher than the symmetrical rims and rebalances the tensions of the two plies for more rigidity and durability.

    * (T for Tubular, gut and SLS2 for Super Light Series 2nd generation)

    DUKE offers a "Crash Replacement" program on its carbon wheels.
    In case of accidents or heavy falls, violent shocks can damage your rim and render its use impossible. With our "Crash Replacement" offer we offer you a service allowing you to replace your rim on special conditions and for an unlimited period: - You benefit a 30% reduction on the price of the rim, the disassembly / reassembly fees are offered to you. En savoir plus.

    DT Swiss DT350 HUB
    The DT Swiss 350 hub at competitive price and notched crown for optimum performance on all types of grounds. You have the choice between those 2 hubs :
    --> DT350 CL (Center Lock)

    Sapim has been producing spokes and nipples of the highest quality for over 90 years. From the beginning, maintaining a close relationship with customers has always been of the greatest importance for Sapim.
    --> Sapim CX-Ray (309g / 64 pcs / 292 mm)

    Sapim Polyax Alu 14mm. Colors of your choice : black, red, silver, blue, gold, dark green, light green, purple, orange. 
    --> Sapim aluminium nipples
    --> Sapim brass nipples (on request by completing the "Personnalisation" section). 

    The wheels are delivered with 4x spokes and remplacement nipples. And can be delivered as an option with 1 wheel bag DUKE in order.

    DT Swiss produces wheels for road, track and mountain bikes as well as hubs, suspension forks and air shock absorbers. In 1995, DT Swiss acquired, through an exclusive license on Hügi hub gear technology, the right to manufacture and distribute its own hubs. A full range of hubs for road and MTB is then launched on the market. DT Swiss hubs are known for their undeniable quality, reliability and performance.

    RIMSDUKE Baccara x-machine 36T disc
    - ERD570.5 mm
    - Max system weight110kg
    - ColorBlack
    - MaterialCarbone UD SLS2
    - UseCyclocross
    - Size700c Disc
    - Rim weight340g
    - Pair weight with Sapim CX-Ray (without rim tape, valve and stickers)1398g
    - Height36mm
    - Internal width27.6mm
    - Offset2mm
    - Drilling24 or 28 holes
    HUBSDT Swiss DT350 CL
    - WeightFront : 135g (15mm) / Rear: 269g ( 142*12, 10v)
    - AxleFront axle available in 100x QR5 ou 100xQR15 / Rear axle available in 142*12
    - MaterialAlu 7075 Limitless usage
    - FreewheelShimano 10-11v
    - BearingsFront : 2x 6902 / Rear : 2x 6902 in the hub and 2x 6902 in the freewheel / waterproof inox bearing DT / Ratchet System freewheel at 18 crans
    - Offset and PCDFront: dia 44 - 44 mm ; dist 22.4 – 35 mm / Rear: dia 46 -46 mm ; dist 33 – 20.2 mm
    - ColorBlack/white (Custom stickers on demand )
    - Drilling24, 28 or 32 holes
    - Disc mountCenter Lock

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    DUKE used Wheelset Baccara X-MACHINE 36T disc / DT350 CL

    DUKE used Wheelset Baccara X-MACHINE 36T disc / DT350 CL

    Second hand cyclocross tubular wheelset revised warranty 6 months

    Price new: 1415 €
    DUKE UD SLS2 carbon wheels
    Hubs DT350 CL SP 100xQR12
    Hubs DT350 CL SP 142x12 SHIMANO
    Sapim CXRay black (24 + 24)
    Nipples Sapim Polyax Alu
    Weight of pair: 1398g

    Toutes les roues proposées sur JPRACINGBIKE1 sont assemblées à la main dans nos locaux en Vendée, en France. Ceci nous permet de vous garantir un montage d'une grande précision et de grande qualité avec un équilibrage optimisé des tensions de rayons. Tout ceci pour vous proposer des roues les plus fiables possibles. En savoir plus.









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