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Chris King R45 black 28 holes Hub

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Chris King R45 black 28 holes Hub

Hub with some mounting traces (see pictures) but never rolled

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All the wheels available on JPRACINGBIKE1 are assembled by hand in our offices in Vendée, France. This allows us to guarantee you a high precision and high quality assembly with optimized balancing of the spoke tensions. All this to offer you the most reliable wheels as possible. En savoir plus.

Chris King hubs are rightly considered the "Rolls" of MTB hubs. Chris King rear hubs combine many qualities: performance, durability, quality.

-Performance: Because very rigid, with a very good geometry, fluids in charge, and having a unique freewheel system with almost instantaneous engagement that provides a certain advantage in the technical areas (and whose sound is beautiful) .

-Durability: No parts are "disposable" on these hubs. Not even the ball bearings that are made by Chris King! These bearings are made of high quality stainless steel and can be dismantled. Nothing will come to the end. And even if they are dirty, it will still be possible to clean them for refurbishment. Impossible thing with a classic industrial bearing. These hubs are so reliable that Chris King guarantees them for 5 years!

-Finition: To date no hub reaches this level of finish. Both in terms of machining precision and in terms of quality of anodization whose "brilliance" and "depth" of colors are incomparable.

-Esthetic: The "line" of these hubs is unique and particularly successful. Just like the magnificent palette of colors available (and in particular the "mango", the pink, or the "turquoise" which have a rendering that we do not find anywhere else).

We offer you free user manuals or information sheets to help you better understand the product you are looking for.
--> Chris King R45 Hubs (PDF)

- Axle130QR5
- WeightFront: 102g / Rear: 220g
- MaterialLimitless usage Alu
- Freewheel9-10v Shimano, 11v Shimano or 10-11v Campagnolo
- BearingsFront :" spécifique" / Rear : "spécifique" / Waterproof inox bearing "spécifiques" CK / 45 freewheel crans ; Ring Drive
- Offset and PCDFront : dia 39.8 – 39.8 mm ; dist 34.8 – 34.8 mm / Rear : dia 51 – 51 mm ; dist 34.6 – 18.9 mm 10v et 36.6 – 17 mm en 11v
- Drilling28 holes

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Chris King R45 black 28 holes Hub

Chris King R45 black 28 holes Hub

Hub with some mounting traces (see pictures) but never rolled

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